Me and my new moustache


Don't Move......We're coming to you!

Our Mobile 'SMILE' Booth & Studio will be on the road and rolling out to a location near you soon. Unlike its stationary cousins, this booth loves to get up and go! It's a full height, long wheel-base vehicle with disabled access easily able to accommodate up to 10 adults at a time. It will be happy to park up outside a Stately Home, in a Company Car Park or outside your House!

Why not get the Kids in Fancy Dress and have their Photograph Professionally taken in a fun environment, or why not book us for a Family Studio session or have fun with work colleagues, behind closed 'sliding' doors!

Images can be sent direct to your mobile phone or PC and available to download from our Web-Site within the hour! The BusBooth can be hired for as little £100 so please contact us for it's availability.

Unique & Different . Ideal for Families & Kids . Christmas Parties . Business Events . Weddings . Mobile Studio

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